Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Thank you for your interest in the North Okanagan Shuswap Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) project. 

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It’s designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers who want to work and live in one of the pilot’s participating North Okanagan and Shuswap communities.

This region was recognized as an area that could benefit from this pilot. Community Futures has entered into a partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to offer this pilot in the North Okanagan and Shuswap areas.

The community will use this pilot to strengthen our local economy and support the development of our workforce.  The 11 communities across the country participating in a pilot are each adapting the program to their needs and economic development goals.

For more information on the benefits of immigration, please go to Immigration Matters.

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RNIP Success Stories

Newcomer Housing

Are you a newcomer to our Community looking for housing? Click the link below to learn about the North Okanagan Shuswap Cultural Homestay Program:

NOTICE: On November 16 2022, the Government of Canada is switched to the 2021 version of the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

This means that:

  • the current NOC 2016 skill type and skill level structure (NOC 0, A, B, C and D) will be replaced with a 6-category system representing the training, education, experience and responsibilities (TEER) needed to work in an occupation
  • 4-digit occupation codes will become 5-digit codes
  • the eligibility criteria when using use NOC will be updated.    To learn more, visit this IRCC page

About the Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-led immigration program designed to bring skilled permanent residents to rural communities. The goal of the pilot is to spread the benefits of economic immigration to communities outside of large metropolitan centres. The North Okanagan/Shuswap region has partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to develop a program that works best for our community by prioritizing skilled immigrants who intend to make this region their home. For more information, please go to the IRCC’s website.

As of May 1st 2023, the Committee will consider all NOC codes in the following major groups as Priority NOCS:

Major Group 3 - Health Occupations
Major Group 4 - Education, Law and Social, Community and Government Service Occupations
Major Group 7 - Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations